Children Health Services

Early childhood screenings help children live longer, healthier lives. The Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment program, or EPSDT, is designed to make sure that a child is screened for a wide range of medical conditions. EPSDT services provide a comprehensive look at the child including physical, mental and social issues. The EPSDT program makes sure that all children receive the treatment they need to improve/maintain their health. Children from birth to age 21 can get Well Child/EPSDT services. The EPSDT program checks children for medical problems early. These checkups make sure your children are growing up healthy. If a problem is found early, it can be treated and monitored.  

Health Exams include: 

- Medical History and Physical Exam
- Growth and Development check (social, personal, language and motor skills)
- Vision Screens
- Hearing Screens
- Dental Screens
- Nutrition
- Lab tests, including blood lead level
- Mental health and substance abuse
- Immunizations
- Health education for parents
- Referral for diagnosis and/or treatment when needed

Why are immunizations important?

During some checkups, children need immunizations. Immunizations are shots that help the body fight disease. Each shot fights a different disease. Children must have all the shots they need before they can start school. Check with your Primary Care Provider to be sure your child has received all the shots he/she needs.