Adult Clinical Services

The Graves County Health Department is dedicated to the continued good health of all citizens through all seasons of the year.

Special focus is given during the winter months when colds, influenza, pneumonia and viruses are on the increase.

We provide:
- Annual influenza (flu) vaccine
- Pneumonia vaccine (when available)
- Tetanus vaccine every 10 years or as needed.

Cancer Screening Clinics

The Graves County Health Department, in an ongoing effort to ensure the good health of all women past childbearing years, provides the following cancer screening services:

- PAP smear & pelvic examination;
- Breast exam and instruction on breast self-exam; and
- Arrangements can be made for a yearly mammogram for those 40 years and over, if financial guidelines are met.

If the client is not covered by Medicaid, a small fee may apply.


If you or a family member have been diagnosed with, have a history of and/or are being treated for diabetes, the Graves County Health Department can provide:

- Monitoring of blood sugar;
- Education on diet, exercise and medication as prescribed by your physician;
- Screen for persons with risk factors for diabetes.

Nutrition Counseling

The Graves County Health Department provides individualized nutrition planning for those:

- With diabetes, hypertension & heart disease;
- Needing weight management

Tobacco Prevention/Cessation

The Graves County Health Department wants to help you kick the habit!

We provide:
- Prevention activities for individuals, schools and the community;

-1-800- QUIT NOW

Vital Statistics/Surveillance

Other services provided by the Graves County Health Department includes:

- Recording of all births and deaths in Graves County;
- Providing verification of births and deaths;
- Tracking statistical data regarding communicable diseases, causes of death, ages of mothers, etc.