Family Planning Services

The family planning program at Graves County Health Department offers counseling and education on pregnancy prevention, contraception, pregnancy planning and care prior to conception. 

Other services include:

- Height, weight and blood pressure evaluations
- Pap testing and pelvic examinations
- Clinical breast examinations and instruction in performing self breast exams
- Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STD or STI’s)
- Pregnancy testing
- Folic acid supplementation
- Contraceptives and Birth Control
- Emergency contraception
- Other lab tests and immunizations if needed
Services are available on designated days at the health center by appointment.


Condom Distribution

CDC Vital Signs™ – Learn Vital Information about Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Read Vital Signs™…The Family Planning Program has a free male condom distribution service we call the "Brown Bag Program".This is a cooperative effort of the Kentucky Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Disease Programs.

The "Brown Bag Program" is an anonymous condom distribution program developed primarily to overcome the barriers of condom usage such as cost, embarrassment and misunderstanding by adolescents of their rights regarding condom purchase.

Condoms are placed in a small brown bag, along with a pamphlet, How to Use a Condom, and literature on STDs. Emphasis is placed on permitting individuals to pick up a bag without requiring registration, counseling or discussion. The main objective is to decrease pregnancies, as well as STDs, for those persons who are already sexually active. The brown bags are in an easily accessible place in the waiting rooms and front desk.

Maternity Services

Before and during pregnancy I take 400mcg of folic acid every day. Kentucky, 15 percent of pregnant women fail to receive critical prenatal care until after their first trimester. Regular prenatal care is proven to reduce many health risks to both mother and child. Early detection and management of potentially high-risk pregnancies can also make a significant impact on reducing the overall cost of delivering health care to the financially needy citizens of Kentucky.

Visit the Child Cost Calculator

Teen Pregnacy Prevention Resource Center

Office of Adolescent Health
OAH is launching the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Center, an online collection of resources for professionals working to prevent teen pregnancy. The TPP Resource Center includes resources on choosing an evidence-based program; improving recruitment, retention, and engagement; implementation; engaging diverse populations; strategic communications; building collaborations; sustainability; and performance measurement and evaluation.