Cancer Screenings

Kentucky Women's Cancer Screening Program

The Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program offers breast and cervical cancer screenings, diagnostic and treatment services. These services are provided to women who meet income eligibility requirements and who do not have health insurance to cover the cost.  This program is part of the Centers for Disease Control’s National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.

Through the Graves County Health Department, women can receive a mammogram, a breast exam by a health professional, a Pap test, and a pelvic exam.  If any abnormal results are found, the woman is then eligible for follow-up diagnostic services.  If cancer or pre-cancerous conditions are diagnosed, the woman may be eligible for Medicaid coverage for treatment. 

For more information regarding eligibility requirements for this program, please click on the link below or call your local health center. 

Available cancer screening services include:

- Pap test and pelvic examination
- Clinical breast exam and instruction for performing self breast exams
- Mammography screening, based on a sliding income scale is available for women 40-64 years of age
- General cancer information
- Other lab tests and immunizations as needed


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