Graves County Health Department 52 Weeeks to Health

Week 1: Folic Acid
Week 2: Radon Action Month
Week 3: Birth Defects
Week 4: Cervical Cancer
Week 5: American Heart Month
Week 6: World Cancer Day
Week 7: Heart Disease Awareness Month
Week 8: Children's Dental Health Month
Week 9: Colorectal Cancer Screening
Week 10: Poison Prevention
Week 11: Tuberculosis
Week 12: Diabetes Alert Day
Week 13: National Nutrition Month
Week 14: Public Health Week
Week 15: Alcohol and Your Health
Week 16: Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections
Week 17: World Immunization Week
Week 18: Oral Cancer
Week 19: Wash Your Hands!
Week 20: Hepatitis Awareness Month
Week 21: Tobacco: A Winnable Battle
Week 22: Teen Pregnancy
Week 23: National Men's Health Month
Week 24: Lightning Safety
Week 25: Scoliosis Awareness Month
Week 26: Firework Safety
Week 27: Family Disaster Plan
Week 28: Family Disaster Supply Kit
Week 29: World Hepatitis Day
Week 30: Personal Wellness Profile
Week 31: Personal Wellness Profile
Week 32: Eating Healthy on the Run
Week 33: National Immunization Month
Week 34: Benefits of Breastfeeding
Week 35: Suicide Prevention
Week 36: Holiday and Buffet Food Safety
Week 37: Childhood Obesity
Week 38: Rabies
Week 39: National Preparedness Month
Week 40: Understanding Mental Illness
Week 41: Bullying
Week 42: Your Future is Key to Stay Drug Free
Week 43: Breast Cancer
Week 44: How to Properly Thaw Food
Week 45: Smoking…The Deadly Truth
Week 46: Managing Diabetes – It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It
Week 47: Think Toy Safety…By Knowing Toy Dangers
Week 48: World AIDS Day
Week 49: National Influenza Vaccination Week
Week 50: Wash Your Hands
Week 51: Winter Preparedness
Week 52: Health Tips For The New Year